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33 Fun, “Cheesy” and Useful Gifts for Your Pizza Fanatic!

Let’s face it!  You know that you know a pizza fanatic, or perhaps it’s you, deep down inside.  Everyone knows you love those delectable, juicy, cheesy disks of pure, heavenly bliss!  You’re also very aware that most of your friends don’t actually “need” any gifts this Christmas.  Most of us have what we need, and if we don’t, we just buy it!  So I say, what better idea for a gift than to get an inexpensive, fun and potentially useful gift related to a particular niche or passion in life?

Enter the Pizza Gift!

Our team has researched some of the most unusual, creative, unexpected, fun, cheesy (pun intended), useful, affordable, smile-inducing gifts available.  There are, of course, hundreds of options out there for pizza-oriented gifts of all kinds, but who has the time to filter through 300 t-shirts with pizza prints on them?  We thought it might be useful to save you the time and bother of going through dozens of nearly-identical products, and cut right to the good stuff!  Beyond our best suggestions, we’ve included useful links to Amazon for your search to continue wherever you’d like it to go!

Oh, and why 33 gifts you ask?  That’s the absolute minimum number to which I could edit down my most excellent list!

With our best wishes for a great birthday or holiday season!

33 Very Fun and Mostly Useful Pizza Lover Gifts!
Pizza Oven

pizza box oven

Water Bottle

pizza water bottle


 Oven Mitt


Wall Art

pizza wall art

Pizza Mug


Pizza Blanket

Shower Curtain

Pizza Shower Curtain


Pizza Cutter

pizza cutter

Necklace Charm

pizza charm


Tour De Pizza Cutter

Cell Phone Case

phone case


Pizza Cutter Cufflinks

pizza cutter cufflinks



Throw Pillow






Table Tennis Balls

ping pong pizza balls


pizza hoodie

Dog Collar

Gym Bag


Eye Mask

Swim Trunks


Whiskey Flask


Necklace Charm

pizza necklace


Baby Tutu

pizza baby tutu


Pizza Wallet

Wall Art

pizza wall art



pizza clock

Silver Friendship Ring

pizza friendship ring

His/Hers T-shirts









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