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16 Pizza Cutters to “WOW” You for 2018!

Okay, so let’s be honest and fair on this!  The title of this review implies there are good cutters and lousy cutters.  Yes, that is the case.  However, using the word “best” is a little bit broad at best, and deceptive at worst!  What is “best” for me on the topic of pizza cutters, may not be the “best” for you.  So, being the smart chef I pretend to be, I’ve decided to lay out my “best” list based on the type of best.  You’ll see what I mean once you start reading.

To say that pizza cutters have come a long way over the years would certainly be an understatement!  Because of the relatively simple design of a pizza cutter, designers, inventors and artists are able to add an artistic flare to this implement, that makes it as much of an artpiece (potentially) as a useful kitchen gadget.  Before we get into the specifics, please know that I know any cutter with a sharp-edged wheel is going to do the trick quite nicely.  So, I will not overcomplicate this any more than necessary.  If all you want is something to cut pizza, you can get a cutter at your grocery store today.  However, since you’re reading this article, I’ll make a quick assumption that you’re looking for something unusual, fun, creative, artistic, or a cutter that reflects an interest or passion of yours!  We’ll cover pizza cutters that fit each of those descriptions, plus a whole lot more!

BEST Pizza Cutter for Your Budget

pizza cutter

This one is probably not something I’d buy because of quality and longevity (or lack thereof), but you could take your chances and buy 5 or 6 of these and hope they last for years – all for less than the cost of a meal for 3 at McDonald’s.  It’s the absolute least expensive cutter we could find.  What’s that I hear? You get what you pay for?  Well, you might get lucky, so it may not end up being the worst buy … maybe!


BEST Pizza Cutter to Blow Your Budget

pizza cutter

This is quite possibly the most unique pizza cutter we’ve seen.  It’s best used on a pizza which has been casually placed on a chopping block or large cutting board (16 inches), and during a casual conversation by the user.  That’ll make you look like a pro, and life of any party!  It also happens to be the most expensive cutter we’re featuring.  Amazon doesn’t like it when we post prices in our articles, so you’ll just have to go there yourself to find out!  It comes with 18-gauge stainless steel construction, a sharpener and a HUGE “Wow” factor.


BEST Pizza Cutter for Efficiency (and versatility)

pizza cutter

The Reinhoffer Fine Kitchenware 12-Inch Stainless Steel Double Handle Crescent Chopper Blade Mezzaluna Knife and Pizza Cutter Rocker is one great tool for making quick work of a thin or thick crust pizza.  It will last for a long time since it does not have any moving parts and is made of 420 high carbon stainless steel (same stuff used in medical knife blades).   Vegetables, fruit, meats, cheeses and herbs are easily diced with this tool, and it’s impossible to cut your fingers – awesome bonus!   Oh, one other thing;  it’s probably a good idea to have a large cutting surface like a great cutting board for the best efficiency.


BEST Pizza Cutter for … saving your cutting surface

pizza cutter shears

We really like this option more than the rest!  Why?  Simply because it works well with both deep dish and thin crust pies, AND you’ll never groove, dent or otherwise deface your pizza pan or cutting board.  Heck, you won’t even cause any scratches or grooves to form on your pizza stone and it won’t get dull from rolling on the stone’s surface.  It’s made of hardened German stainless steel, and in case you ever need it to be, it’s heat resistant up to 400˚F.


BEST Pizza Cutter for Cleaning Efficiently

pizza cutter

This little beauty just looks nice!  The Kitchy cutter (kicheecuttur?) fits perfectly in your palm while cutting very efficiently and quickly.  The unique design lets it disassemble very quickly for easy washing, so there’s little chance of leaving pizza guck around the axle of the wheel.  It also comes with a helpful acrylic safety cover which not only protects little hands (and big ones too) from accidental cutting when you’re fumbling for another utensil in the drawer, but it keeps the blade very sharp.  It’s a win/win I’d say!


BEST Dual Function Pizza Cutter

pizza cutter

What’s the “dual” part of this one?  I’m glad you asked!  Ever get frustrated that your wheel cuts just fine through the main part of the pizza, but gets stuck at the crust because the crust is not only tougher, but it’s right up against an angled edge of a pizza pan?  I HAVE!  This cutter has an extra little blade that is perfectly designed to break through the crust at the edge, so you don’t have to try that with your wheel (and end up scattering chunks of crust all over your counter and floor in the process).   If you don’t know what I’m talking about then this is not for you!  If you do, then it is!  This kills that problem – Period!


BEST Budget Pizza Shears

pizza cutter shears

We still like the idea of shears over traditional rollers because of the ability to disregard the baking or cutting surface of the pizza.  We don’t need to be concerned about having the pizza on a stone, pan, cutting board, etc. and won’t need to worry about damaging either the cutting surface or the cutter itself!  Need I say more?  This set of shears is not the least expensive cutter we recommend, but it is the least expensive shear-style cutter.  Most customers are very happy with this cutter, and it’s dishwasher safe to boot!  At this price point, I’d sure be willing to give it a try – if I didn’t already own 11 pizza cutters!!


BEST Pizza Cutter for Creative, Sophisticated Design and Function

pizza cutter

This little gizmo comes in close to the bottom of the price spectrum, but it’s unique because it’s the only wheel we found without an axle!  It’s safe in the drawer with the included protector and it’s as versatile as any other cutter no matter the cost.  You may have to hide it from the kids who may just want to use it as a “toy” weapon!  Commercial quality stainless steel along with ABS handle construction round out the quality profile of this dandy cutter.  Oh, and did we mention that it is currently SEVENTY-EIGHT PERCENT OFF the regular Amazon price?!  Now that’s a sale!


BEST Pizza Cutter for the Handyman in your life

pizza cutter

Need I say more … or anything at all?  You get the picture right?


BEST Pizza Cutter for the “What the Heck?!” Factor

Hey, I don’t make ’em, I just review ’em!  I can only call this unit a contraption ’cause that’s what it is!  But, it’s a great concept!  As much as it caught our attention, I must honestly say, this will probably not get used as much as you may think.  I’d definitely use it for a few get-together birthday parties, etc. with kids!  They’ll love the option to “create your own slice” in the pie and it will have a “wow” factor for kids (and lots of adults too).  I have not personally used this item so I don’t know how long it’ll last with repeated bakings, but in this case, we’re here to introduce you to the products and let you make the final decisions!


BEST Pizza Cutter for Your Biker Dude!

biker pizza cutter

Okay fine!  We’re now getting into novelty pizza cutters, but we still want some degree of quality and functionality.  Again, the price point on this cutter makes it a “you can’t go wrong” deal.  As for my opinion (like as if you asked for it), I’d get this one only as a gift for someone who has everything, loves his Harley, and just told you “please, don’t get me anything for my birthday – REALLY, I MEAN IT!”


BEST Pizza Cutter for your Sci-Fi Fan

star trek pizza cutter

Before you laugh at this one, hear me out!  This is one of Amazon’s top-rated cutters!  I don’t mean just novelty cutters, I mean top-rated out of ALL cutters on Amazon!  Why, you ask?  Well, it is one quality space exploration replica, that’s why!  It has a body made from solid zinc alloy and chromium-plated steel, with a stainless steel blade.  It’s 7 inches long and here’s the thing:  The saucer section of the actual (fiction) U.S.S. Enterprise is not round, so if you made that part of the ship into the cutter, it wouldn’t actually look like the starship.  This ship is designed with authenticity in mind, and that’s what is really important when cutting a piece of bread with cheese and tomato sauce, wouldn’t you say?


BEST Pizza Cutter for a Star Wars “geek”

light saber pizza cutter

Well, it’s not like I had the option to cater to Star Trek fans while completely eliminating the Star Wars crowd!  How discriminatory is that?  Yeesh!  Far be it from me to be a Star Wars bigot!  With all those niceties out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff!  This saber even talks to you while you slice the pie!  It does require 3 – LR41 batteries, but the good news is that a starter set is included!  The blade is removable for cleaning, but unlike other options, the body of this iconic weapon is mere plastic, so be warned.  That said, the low price would reflect the lack of a fully metallic body.


BEST Pizza Cutting Set

pizza cutter

This is simply a great idea!  Why?  Because both of these tools work together synergistically to give you an effortless and surprisingly pleasant pizza-cutting experience (okay, that sounded weird!).  The included board has grooves which guide your cut to make 8 slices in 4 quick rocker-style cuts.  Because the board has grooves in it, not only do they serve as a guide, but they ensure your blade is not rocking or rolling (wow – double entendre!) all over the wood surface randomly creating scratches and cuts that eventually disintegrate the surface of the wood.  Then, the rocker-style cutter ensures that when it passes through the surface of the pizza, it does not push all the toppings off the pizza like some roller-style cutters have been known to do (I know this from experience!).  You can use it to efficiently cut lots of other things (pastries, vegetables, and cheese), and the opposite side of the cutting board is another cutting board without the grooves so you can use it as a cheese platter or regular cutting board.  There’s a safety cover for the blade to round out the deal.


BEST Pizza Cutter for the Rustic, Craftsman in All of Us!

pizza cutter

If only for the rustic, craftsy feel to this, we like it!  It has an artisanal aura to it with no frills, guides or complex design or assembly.  This is one of the few kitchen utensils or gadgets that I would freely display on a wall or hanging rack.  ‘Nuff said!


BEST Pizza Cutter for the Actual Wood-Worker in Your Life

woodworker pizza cutter

Now this one is truly unique!  I love to tinker with wood, and there are those who have a lathe or otherwise possess a high aptitude for wood manipulating and creating all types of wooden artisanal treasures!  This is merely the cutting end of a project that would make a really personalized and meaningful gift for anyone.  You (or someone you know) would make a DIY handle to fit, and VOILA – instantly customized, unique and personal!  The added bonus is that you can remove the front end/blade easily for cleaning or storage.


Honorable Mention


BEST Pizza Cutter That’s Not Really – A PIZZA CUTTER!

pizza cutter cufflinks

I had to throw it in!  I had to!  Cut me some slack!  We’re all adults here – harmless simple fun, that’s all!  I know you know someone who would appreciate your creativity in gift-giving should they receive these little gems in a small box on Christmas morning!  Is that a big enough hint?  Laser-cut design, hand-finished, cherry wood!  Need I say more?


For ALMOST all these pizza cutter options, there are multiple options (a good example would be the Star Wars lightsaber and the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise which have 5 or 6 other similar product options not covered here) which vary greatly in price.  We would encourage you to continue your research at Amazon since it has the best variety, quality, prices, and warranty (not to mention return policy) anywhere on the web!  Happy cutter shopping!

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