Bella Medio28 Portable Pizza Oven

9.5 POR Score
Heats up in 15 minutes (that's insanely fast!), really great construction quality
Hard to find something to criticize, but I'll do my best! Uh, let me get back to you on this.
So far the preliminary info looks very promising. For what it is, this oven has a lot of positives. Because it's a substantial backyard fixture, we can't expect that it's ultra-portable or super cheap to buy. But all things considered, we would love to own this fine piece of pizza-making art!
Build Quality
Value/Price Point
Customer Satisfaction

With the Bella Medio28 oven, we are up into the higher end ovens that not only give you an authentic, Italian wood-fired pizza, but the whole experience for you and your family is elevated to a different category of culinary indulgence. While there are dozens of options for pizza ovens in the price range of $90 – $900, you’ll notice that the user experience, as well as the longevity and product quality, is something unique once you head up into the $1500 and over category. It’s like having my Toyota Celica for years, and thinking, this is a pretty darn good sports car! Why would you buy a crazy Ferrari? …. Until one day I sat in a Ferrari (never mind the driving experience), and I finally realized! This is kinda like that! 


The Good
  • 24″ x 28″ insulated cooking floor made from ceramic
  • heats up to cooking temperature in around 15 minutes!
  • Made from 304 stainless steel including very sturdy stainless legs and storage
  • Comes with complimentary pizza peels, steel, and wood as well as an outdoor all weather cover.
  • Created by well-known international, award-winning pizza maker
  • really nice looks combine old world tradition with modern, artistic undertones
  • low price compared to other ovens with similar features and componentry.
  • Made in the U.S.A.!
The Bad
  • it doesn’t cost $249 plus shipping! Nope – just a tad more! (but it’s a great value)!

While it’s a lot higher than $100, it’s also one of the least expensive ovens in its category (looks, quality, craftsmanship, capabilities)

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The Bella Medio28 Portable Pizza Oven is proudly made in the USA! I’d want to buy it for that principle alone!

What Else?

This beauty measures 85” tall, 38” wide and 33” front to back. It weighs 220 lbs and it comes with handles on both sides that allow to (strong-ish) people to move it around your patio with some ease (it also has heavy duty wheels/castors). You won’t get any rust on this oven. It’s nice to have an insulated door handle like this oven has. Some ask “why have a door?”, since many ovens don’t have doors. Well, this allows for quicker internal temperature attainment, which means no waiting around and even more importantly – LESS WOOD!  Of course, we mentioned earlier that it’s fully made in the USA, but it’s worth repeating since the quality is evident when compared to Chinese imports.

What Say We?

Well, here’s the thing; This is one oven that I personally have not had the opportunity to test with my own hands (though I’m still hoping!). The founder and owner of the company who makes the oven is Scot Cosentino from New York, and he makes quite a number of great videos to help you on your pizza-making journey. He’s also a big promoter of the Forno Bello oven (surprise, surprise) and you’ll see that in his videos. Oh, hey, wanna check one out right now? Come on its only 4 minutes and 44 seconds long! You know you want to!

This Video introduces the Forno Bello Oven which is nearly identical to the Bella Medio.  They really just changed the name and some branding as well as a few insignificant design features.  Bella Medio is the new brand – same great quality as before!

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