Blackstone Patio Oven

8.5 POR Score
budget priced, bakes HOT, great customer feedback
construction quality issues, shipping damage problems
Because of great customer service, great final quality pizza, and a non-intimidating price point, we'll rate this one a "buy"
Build Quality
Value/Price Point
Customer Satisfaction


Unfortunately, this oven is, for the time being, and until further notice, discontinued and unavailable just about anywhere online.  However, for your information and potential future re-introduction, feel free to scan our review below!

Welcome to one of the most popular outdoor propane pizza ovens on the market! If you happen to be budget conscious or perhaps you don’t want the hassle of working with wood (and being very precise as you finesse the embers oh so nimbly and patiently), you might be a candidate for the Blackstone Outdoor Patio Oven!


The Good
  • The 60,000 BTU burner offers up a done pie in less than half the time of other ovens
  • Bakes up to 16-inch pizzas
  • Priced to be within just about anyone’s budget
  • Very portable and convenient to move
  • A whole TON of positive reviews and comments (which vastly outnumber the negative) online
  • Excellent customer service from Blackstone
  • Because of the efficiency of the reflected heat, it gives a similar flavor as wood ovens
The Bad
  • complaints tend to focus on the issues of assembly confusion (difficult and long) and also issues with the turntable which is an important part of the unit as it turns the pie during the baking process. A cracked stone on the first usage was another customer complaint.
  • Damage during shipping has been a problem for some
  • Potentially inconsistent heat distribution
Quality, Durability, and Reliability

Most users are very happy with the issues of quality and reliability. However, several customers experienced problems right away, which likely means there are glitches in the chain of manufacturing, and some units fall short of intended standards of quality.

Is it Easy to Use?

ABSOLUTELY! You can see lots of home videos on YouTube from customers who show you just how easy it is. There is no real learning curve since most of the finesse and technique are taken care of for you.


This is the best part! Some customers mention they spent $400 (which is fairly inexpensive for a great pizza baking machine) but it’s a LOT less expensive than that now!

Check out the pricing details HERE!

So What Say WE?

I spent hours (literally) researching this one because it is so popular among American families. It looks like even some of the biggest critics would actually recommend this oven, and most customers gushed on at great length about how much they love it. Many reviewers drew special attention to how great the price was, and I suspect the huge number of positive reviews (even in light of the glaring problems) are a result of a pretty decent oven with a FANTASTIC price point. I also happen to like the rotating cooking surface since it really does ensure even cooking.  However, it also eliminates the need to use a round, metal peel to rotate the pie, followed by a wood peel to remove it, etc.  That’s kind of part of the pizza making experience which purists insist on!  Oh well, the ultimate goal is a great pizza with excellent flavor and undertones (much like wine) so we’re good with it! Our recommendation for those looking at this category and price is a cautious “go ahead” but be ready to return it if problems arise from shipping or initial usage. There are plenty of units that have no problems, so you shouldn’t be the one stuck with one of the units that does have glitches.

For about the same price, check out another competitor that’s easy on the wallet – and the eyes! See it HERE!

(Currently only available from Canada! Check the Amazon link above to see it)


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