Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer

9.3 POR Score
Strongest motor in any consumer mixer, largest capacity and no motor on top to obstruct the bowl
Not as "pretty" as the candy gloss KitchenAid, not as common as competitor models
We believe (strongly I might add) that this is the far superior mixer to any competitors' models on the market. With the highest capacity bowl, lightest weight, strongest motor, most mechanically efficient attachment accessories, best ergonomic design (just tell me when you want me to stop!) .... I'll just go ahead and formalize my recommendation okay? Here goes ... yes, we would rate this a strong "BUY"!
Build Quality
Value/Price Point
Customer Satisfaction


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The Good
  • THE most powerful motor for a consumer purchase-able mixer on planet earth (potentially mixing 15 lbs of bread dough at one time!)
  • By far, the largest mixing bowl
  • Motor is UNDER the bowl, not on top (like a very popular competitor), so it’s easy to add ingredients
  • Super easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suction feet keep it in place
  • Weighs less than HALF of the competitor’s designs
The Bad
  • though dishwasher safe, it will lose its luster on the metal parts if you slap it in the DW (we suggest hand-washing, which is very easy with the smooth finish)
  • it’s not as common as the “ahem” …. “competitor”, so it’s harder to share accessories with friends (if that’s what you’re into)
  • not typically available at a local dealer, so you’re stuck to online purchasing (which makes it awkward to pack up and mail for service)
  • can’t use super hot liquids (not sure why you’d want to) because of the plastic construction – well, actually, I have an update on this item.  My wife DOES use boiling liquids in the Bosch – but she pours the boiling liquid onto something in the mixer that is not boiling.  You would normally mix liquids with something more solid, and assuming that solid is not also “boiling”, then you’re good to go!bosch pizza dough mixer

The price is comparable to the competition (which is really only, well, okay, I’ll just say it ….. KITCHENAID!!! Okay? Satisfied?  It could be a tad more, but the price certainly would not be an issue here.  All the mixers are close enough in price to make other considerations more important.

You can see prices and a HUUUUGE amount of information HERE!

Is it Easy to Clean?

In less than 100 words …. YES! It’s smooth and almost feels “oily” to the touch, which means stuff just doesn’t stick to it, making it really easy to clean by hand, though it is dishwasher safe.

As I mentioned earlier, I’d stay away from the dishwasher, but even if you do use the dishwasher, the function of the machine will not be affected.


Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer - Black 800 Watt

Anything Else?

Not only do we own this machine, but it is actually a part of our daily lives! To say that we “tested” it, would be the understatement of the year around this house! Without this mixer, we would simply not do the things we do – they would be too difficult for our regular, daily routine (like mixing scads of dough!).

Of course, another understatement would be that this machine is powerful and does a whole lot more than mix dough! Oh, and talk about capacity! One user said she just made NINE, yes 9 loaves of bread at ONE mixing session! I suppose we could critique the size of her loaves, but you get the point! This machine has no equal using several comparison metrics.

Debbie’s list of features

We own this machine! Some have said it is hard to clean…I don’t find that to be the case. Once I’m done using it, it goes into the sink and I fill it up with hot soapy water. After soaking for a couple of minutes it simply needs a little scrub and rinse and it’s done. Same with the splash guard and lid.

I have my Bosch sitting in the same place all the time and have only found that it “walked” the first time when I accidentally put it down on some flour. Once the surface was clean, it never “walked” again.

I make pizza dough, bread, cookies, cakes, whipped toppings and more in this machine. It’s an all-purpose machine.

It’s excellent at kneading dough. I turn out a lot of pizza and bread on a weekly basis and this machine is still as powerful as the first day I used it…nearly 12 years ago.

It’s about as loud as any other mixer on the market.

For large batches where I want to make enough pizza dough for 8 or 10 pizzas, it has no problem mixing.

For large batches of bread where I’m making 4 large loaves, no problem.

Looks the same as the day we received it. Dad has put his through the dishwasher so the metal is not as shiny anymore – otherwise, his is still going strong after 25 years of use.

We have the dough hooks, the cookie whisks, and the blender… blender is excellent for making smoothies – powerful motor blends everything super smooth.

The KitchenAid dough mixer is nowhere near as efficient, and the dough hook doesn’t even mix near the edge of the bowl (oops, did I just use the name of a competitor?  Am I allowed to do that?).

What Say We?

Is there any doubt? Just go and buy the thing if you spend any time at all in the kitchen doing anything other than opening pre-packed, frozen entrees! It’s definitely the “best in class” machine out there. In case you still have doubts, you MUST watch this before making your final choice!


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