Cuore Ovens Model 1000 Plus Gourmet Wood-Fired Oven Kit

wood fired pizza oven

Once again we find ourselves with an excellent product for which we need to critique both good and bad. Because these ovens are created at considerable expense and precision-engineered for a specific purpose, it’s tough sometimes to find the BAD in them. They all do the job to one extent or another, but we’ll do our best to break down the goods as best we can and present it to you in one neat package!

In the Cuore Model 1000, pizza oven, we find an actual, authentic oven with seven pre-made, cast parts with thermal insulation throughout. As with many other models, the Brazilian-made Cuore Model 1000 can be installed either outdoors or indoors depending on the configuration of your home. In most cases, it will be an outdoor fixture.


The Good
  • authentic construction style and heavy/durable
  • fast and relatively easy assembly given the style of this type of oven
  • larger interior (including cooking area) than most ovens of alternate construction style (ie. Iron, etc.)
  • can be altered (with care) after purchase if necessary (ie. making a larger flute opening, etc.)
  • VERY inexpensive compared to cast models in its category
  • After-sales service is great
The Bad
  • at over 700 lbs, it’s a heavy investment!
  • Assembly (while easy for the style) is extensive compared to factory ready metal oven. Unless you’re handy with tools and construction materials like concrete, you may have to hire someone to complete the exterior coating of the oven (to cover the insulating blanket which itself covers the cast base)
And the Looks?

Well, we’ll just leave it at this!

wood fired pizza oven

Quality, durability and reliability

This oven is designed to last for an exceptionally long time given the durable structure. It has the unique quality of allowing you to finish the exterior however you’d like with concrete, plaster, etc. It’s important to note that when considering the durability of the Cuore, you separate the base and insulation (included) from the final exterior coating which YOU provide. Be sure you finish with cement or other appropriate material properly to avoid cracking. The durability can be compromised if it is finished incorrectly.

Is it Easy to Use?

Once it’s set up, it is the same as any other wood-fired oven. Once you figure out the process of kindling, stoking and maintaining a wood oven fire, you’re good to go!


Here’s the best part; you don’t do a whole lot of cleaning at all! The high heat makes it nearly self-cleaning, but of course, you’ll have to sweep out the ashes and I would suggest you occasionally wipe the baking surface with a damp cloth once it’s cool. The chimney or flue will require a sweep every year or so because of the inevitable creosote (black, sooty, and sometimes gooey stuff) buildup.


Coming in under $1000 as I write this, we couldn’t find another competitor able to match this price point for the quality.  Check out more information on pricing HERE.

What Else?

Lots of resources are available for the Cuore Model 1000 Oven Kit so you won’t be left hanging.

So What Say We?

With the lightweight price point for the heavyweight (literally and figuratively) product, this is an excellent option for someone with a bit of a DIY bent. It’s also an excellent option for anyone (handy or not) who would like an actual, authentic, Italian wood-fired oven without the typical price tag which is about 2-3 times higher than this! Judging by the positive comments online about this oven, we’d say it’s a definite buy for someone wanting this style of oven.  There are a few competitors and you can check them out here.  They’re the AUTHENTIC PIZZA OVEN and THE  MAXIMUS.

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