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GE PB980SJSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range

8.7 POR Score
Great name, great looks, two ovens for the price of one
Secondary oven is vastly inferior to main oven and should be on the bottom
You can probably guess that since we're reviewing this oven, generally we will give it a buy signal. That is actually true since we would not even bother reviewing it if it was so bad. We wouldn't waste time giving it any rating at all! (even though we would have already done the work to determine this) This oven is absolutely a good buy, and at a 25% discount to what it was selling for in 2015, I think we found a winner!
Build Quality
Value/Price Point
Customer Satisfaction


Okay, I can imagine you with the look of curiosity on your face thinking, “this guy is running a pizza oven review site and he’s muscling in on the territory of appliance review blogs. Well, in fact, we’re all about ALL THINGS PIZZA. If it has to do with making pizza (from where to buy dough balls and from what flour to make your own, to what type of berries make for unusual toppings, to where to get your top-of-the-line backyard pizza oven fashion statement) we’re all over it! This range oven is an appliance that approximately 100% of North American households will own (some kind of oven) and that makes it a great candidate to be converted into a pizza oven – which is especially convenient for those frigid, Winter nights in Northern Michigan when you’re hankering for a great, crispy, thin crust pie.GE oven

We happen to really like gas cooktops because they offer several options for making pizzas – NOT including using the oven part for baking! Yes, that’s right – you can read that again if you’re not sure you read it correctly. We’ll touch base on that issue again soon!

For now, let’s see what this fine oven has to offer!



This is one pretty 30″ wide piece of kitchen art, but that isn’t enough for an oven to make it to our list of reviewed (and liked) products. The GE Profile has TWO ovens and five top burners. This is considerably more than my Wolf with one oven and 4 burners …. and nearly 3 times the price!

The lower oven measures 4.4 cubic feet while the upper one is just 2.2 cubic feet. The real powerhouse cooker is the lower oven which offers full convection, while the top oven is more of a broiler and “it’ll do in a pinch” kind of thing. The top burners offer a unique and useful configuration with 4 standard burners in each of the corners, and an elongated, oval burner in the center for longer (or multiple) pots or pans. Every oven seems to have a different master setting control option array, so here’s this one’s:


Like the Thor oven, we also review and recommend, this is a no-nonsense, fairly simple oven (though not quite as feature-stripped as the Thor).

What’s On Top?

There are 3 six inch burners, one 9 inch burner and 1 twelve inch burner.  In addition to the 5 burners we mentioned earlier, it’s noteworthy to mention that the small burners on top can go as LOW as 127˚F for your simmering needs. However, we’re far more interested in what it can do for a pizza! The Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza oven is the perfect accessory for this gas stovetop, and that’s part of the reason we’re personally not interested in anything other than a gas range. One of the front burners can even boil 6 cups of water in around 4 minutes!stove top

Down Below

There’s nothing much to criticize with this baking space as the main, larger oven was able to reach 350˚F in just over 8 minutes and even faster than that if you use convection. In a perfect world, we might have moved the more conveniently placed smaller over (which is not nearly as efficient or useful), to the bottom where it would be less convenient to use, which is just as well. Even so, we like the stove as a package, and the price is quite decent.  It has a 2650W bake wattage on both top and bottom ovens.  The lower oven does have a decent convection system that GE likes to call “True European Convection with Precise Air”.


This oven has been on the market since early 2015, and since then, the price is over $700 less than it was back then, and perhaps more, depending on who’s selling it.  It is about half the price I paid for my Wolf dual fuel oven.

You can see the latest price Here!

The Good
  • great name and respectable brand
  • considerably lower price than 2 years ago
  • very high customer satisfaction
  • good-looking
  • two ovens for the price of oneself-cleaning
  • a delayed baking timer is standard
The Bad
  • the secondary oven is noticeably inferior to the main oven
  • potential problems with the electrics, which is something that can be said of virtually any oven with many electrical components like displays, timers, etc.
Is it Easy to Clean?

This one’s easy – YES. It’s self-cleaning!

So What Say We?

We happen to like the looks of this oven! With such high praise from owners the country over, we’ll definitely put it on our BUY list. For what it’s worth, you have to know that if we find stoves with poor customer satisfaction or other red flag issues which would lead us not to recommend them, then we WON’T recommend them. So, even if you see lower scores on certain measurement metrics, we still give them a thumbs up overall.

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