il fornino pizza oven

Il Fornino Basic Wood Fired Pizza Oven

il fornino pizza ovenOnce again, a very pretty oven! And much like several other ovens we’ve reviewed, it comes with a very similar price tag near $1000. Looks good so far, now let’s dig down a bit for the dirt!


For Starters

If you’re looking to be sold on a great quality item from a U.S. company, check out the promo copyright from the head office;

“Imagine lounging in your backyard surrounded by friends, drinking wine, and breathing in the scent of homemade pizzas baking in a traditional ilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Oven. The warmth. The aroma. The taste. What more could you ask for? The ilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Oven will bring the Mediterranean lifestyle to your home with unmatched authenticity, sure to delight the most discriminating of guests.

While traveling through Italy, I was fascinated by the way pizzas were made in Naples. The wood-fired pizza ovens offered the traditional Italian flavors, famous throughout the world. But it wasn’t just the taste that satisfied. I watched as people relaxed as they waited, chatting with each other and watching their pizzas bake in the ovens. They expressed no impatience as they slowed down and enjoyed life.

I knew right away that I wanted to bring this atmosphere home with me and create the same experience in New York. After several trips to Naples, my dream has arrived.

Inspired by the traditional ovens of Naples, Italy, ilFornino® New York Wood Fired Pizza Oven was born. Designed like no other oven, its portability and ease of use offers old world performance in a lightweight solution. All ilFornino® ovens are fully assembled when they arrive, with the exception of the chimney stack and cart, which is optional for outdoor kitchens and barbecue islands.

ilFornino® Wood Fired Pizza Oven – offering the taste and tradition of Italy in your own backyard.”

8.2 POR Score
American Made, thick brick baking base, large baking surface
fewest features available in any Il Fornino pizza oven model
Decent quality, good price and a good reputation make this a cautious "buy". Personally, we would toss in a few hundred bucks and get one of their superior models if we had the dough! Get it? "DOUGH"
Build Quality
Value/Price Point
Customer Satisfaction


The Good
  • this one’s made from a very high-grade quality stainless steel
  • it has a large 1007 square inch baking surface
  • 1-inch firebrick baking base
  • easy maneuverability with cart
  • includes brush/scraper, cart, and peel
  • a very decent price point
  • unlimited pizza size
The Bad
  • not so much bad, but it’s an entry-level model in the Il Fornino brand so it would have the fewest features
  • Some owners expressed concerns over issues of craftsmanship like welded joint aesthetics and interior base firebrick layout, etc. (problems that did not seem to be an issue with the Professional Series upgrade).
Quality, Durability, and Reliability

According to Il Fornino’s promotional information, the exterior of all their models are of the highest grade stainless steel and boasts optimal oxidation and resistance to corrosion. I haven’t come across any evidence to the contrary via customer reviews. Most of the feedback is good, while one owner expressed concern about the looks of the quality (if that makes sense). Without having lit even one fire in the oven, he was concerned about the brick inside (firebrick or not) and the fact that it was not level. He didn’t like the look of the welded joints, but no criticism was made of the actual durability or overall quality over the long run – just aesthetics mostly.

Is it Easy to Use?

No feedback concentrated on the issue of use, but as with any wood-fired pizza oven, a little education on the basic theory will serve you well.


This one is like most other steel units that require an occasional stainless steel cleaner spray with a cloth, as well as a wipe-down of the brick interior (when cool) with a damp cloth.


We’re liking the price point that’s still hovering just over the $1K mark as of the last half of 2017. There are lots of other ovens that offer comparable features and look similar, but boast a price tag 50% – 100% higher!

You can check the latest price, availability and more info HERE.

Anything Else?

This Il Fornino pizza oven comes pre-seasoned and heats up to cook within 45 minutes. A supplementary charcoal grill is also available for purchase and is mounted on the side of the oven.

So What Say We?

Overall, I am confident you won’t be disappointed (based on customer feedback and lots of research). However, if I were buying an oven of this style right now, I think I’d toss in a few hundred extra bucks and get the upgraded Pro version of this oven for a few extra features and probably a more refined finish.

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