KettlePizza Gas Pro Basic Pizza Oven Kit

7.7 POR Score
Excellent Quality, does the job, looks great!
For a curved chunk of steel and a modest pizza stone - a bit pricey!
Overall, if you're skipping the whole "Authentic, Neapolitan, Italian, Pizza Oven scene, then I'd say get this unit if you're looking for a good pizza without the fuss.
Build Quality
Value/Price Point
Customer Satisfaction


This fun and unique doo-hickey lets you turn your propane or natural gas barbecue into a pizza-making machine with style and ease. Can you say TAILGATE PARTY?! I have to admit that it looks kinda cool, but let’s see if it delivers as advertised.


The Good
  • made of high-quality stainless steel
  • made fully in the USA
  • includes 15” cordierite stone
  • makes your BBQ more efficient by making heat connect with the top of the pizza before the bottom of pizza gets burned
  • versatile enough to be used in other baking projects besides pizza
The Bad
  • a tad bit pricey for what you get
  • still won’t give you 100% authentic wood-fired style pizza
  • won’t work if your grill has less than 3 burners and is smaller than 24” wide x 17” deep
Quality, Durability, and Reliability

This little contraption scores well on this count since it’s only a one-piece unit made of stainless steel, with a decent stone. No complaints on the quality issue!


Comments and opinions on this range from “well worth it” to “a bit pricey” to “extremely pricey for what it is”. Our thought is that it is a bit on the high side, but if you own a grill, it’s still a lot less expensive than buying a stand-alone oven, so it may be worth a shot.

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What Else?

Just a couple of points; it works well for other projects as mentioned earlier, like kabobs and lots of different meat options. Remember, this can be used with or without a pizza stone, so that widens your options. Also, it’s helpful to toss in an appropriate-sized chunk or two of hardwood on either side of the stone to add a dimension of heat and flavor.

So What Say We?

I happen to own a very small barbecue which normally suits our family just fine. Unfortunately, it does not fit the profile of the qualifications for the KettlePizza Gas Pro, so I can’t get one – right now, that is! As for the rest of you who own a normal-sized barbecue on the back deck, but are not looking to invest in a full-out pizza oven, I’d rate this a buy. Will it make authentic Neapolitan pizzas? NO. However, for the price, it brings you a step closer to having a real pizza oven in your backyard, without taking up any more space or breaking the bank. In spite of a hefty price tag, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and it certainly does the job as advertised.

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