KitchenAid 7-Quart Pro Line Stand Mixer

7.3 POR Score
Aesthetically unmatched beauty, iconic brand name and very common
Lots of complaints about build quality issues, not great for pizza dough mixing
I'm quite sure this will do the trick for making a few balls of pizza dough at a time, and I'm also sure I'd grope and feel this beauty every time I use her (it just feels right to label it a "her"). The finish is glossy and the paint job is gorgeous. If this was the only model on the market, I'd definitely go for it.
Build Quality
Value/Price Point
Customer Satisfaction


This appliance is definitely a classic, and its name is ubiquitous in our culture. We don’t like kneading dough by hand so much, and we like options. We own the Bosch mixer, but we think it’s fair and helpful to have options and to foster a bit of competition amongst manufacturers. Hence, the KitchenAid mixer review!


The Good
  • this girl just looks PRETTY. Get a candy apple gloss and you can’t help but leave it on your counter to show off!
  • Very common and popular, so parts and service is easy
  • Works pretty well for small batches of anything
  • Iconic, retro design
The Bad
  • not great for large batches of pizza or bread dough (can’t compare to Bosch)
  • overall not as positive reviews
  • many owners complain of a clicking noise while mixing (but of course, not ALL)
  • pro series is more expensive than competitors
  • mixing blade and scraper don’t reach the bottom of the bowl
Quality, Durability and Reliability

All the mixers have “mixed” reviews 🙂 and I believe the KitchenAid ProLine is made to pro standards. Unless there is a manufacturing defect, your unit should last many years, but we’re a little put off by the number of complaints about that darned “click”. Otherwise, the metal construction makes it quite durable for sure!


Some have said the price of the Bosch is higher, but if you get the higher end model (which this ProLine is), then KitchenAid is a smidgen more expensive. Even, so, the better quality mixers seem to all be priced somewhat competitively so that no one is super cheap or insanely expensive for the same quality.

Check out the latest pricing and information HERE

What Else?

This is really an iconic brand with an iconic design that appeals to our sense of nostalgia. It is also a solid machine and has nearly a cult type following with many satisfied customers. We have yet to put this one through its paces, but preliminary evidence would suggest that the design itself is both a positive and a negative. The positive is, of course, aesthetics with a nostalgic, 1950’s Americana feel to it. The negative is that this original design has been improved (by a different company with a different design), and to design for that improvement, means a less aesthetically pleasing appliance. YouTube is filled with baker Moms talking about it at their kitchen island, and every single one says how incredibly beautiful it is and how they keep it on their counter. However, everyone also points out the design flaws which we believe are inherent in a 60-year old design which has remained essentially unchanged.

So What Say We?

The jury is out on this one. We prefer the Bosch, and if we could only own one mixer, we’d go for the Bosch. However, we appreciate art and aesthetics as much as anyone, and after researching the issue of small batches vs. large batches of a mix, we see the value of using the KitchenAid for smaller batches of pastry dough, etc. That said, we’re a PIZZA site, and for pizza, we’d say it’s okay (smaller batches) but we’d say there’s a better alternative.

Here’s a great looking video if you’d like to be sold on this eye candy!

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