Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30″ Freestanding Pro Style Gas Range

9 POR Score
Excellent price point compared to competition, fully made in America
No bells and whistles, and it's not self-cleaning
I have an oven similar to this with the same features, but I paid just a hundred bucks shy of $5,000 five years ago! Admittedly, I have not put this one through rigorous testing, but I'd bet it's as good as mine at around a third of the price. Current owners of this Thor are super-thrilled, and I know they're not saying nice things to impress me! I'm sold on this one, and I hope it'll be around when my current stove bites the dust.
Build Quality
Value/Price Point
Customer Satisfaction


Whoa!  Hang on there Fella!  Which part of PizzaOvenReview did we miss on this one?  Of course, I’m kidding, since we are all about pizzas in any capacity.  Yes, it’s possible to make a pizza in a regular oven, thus, making it a “pizza oven”.  I know, I know, it’s not a “real” pizza oven.  Well, that’s true enough, but there are many folks out there to desperately need a regular oven, but don’t have scads of extra “dough” to dump into another specialty oven.  They like pizza and we would like to help them!

Of course, you can make pizza in any oven on the market anywhere, but some ovens are better than others, and we’d like to help you decide!  Is it because I’m such a great guy?  No.  I love what I do and I actually DO like to help people, but yes, I would get a small commission from Amazon if you decide to click on that bad boy below and buy it from Amazon.  Of course, you could read my review/critique and then just skip the link and go to Amazon or somewhere on your own, and that’s okay!  I’ll never know, but there would be a small element of satisfaction knowing I’ve been of some help!

First off, this is a GAS RANGE, so if you don’t have that option in your home – GET IT!  Come on!  Okay, I’m kidding, but in fact, my wife and I actually did get our home wired for gas since we became hooked on gas ovens after our first purchase in a different home.  We’ll never go back to electric!


  •  4.2 cu. ft. oven capacity for cooking multiple dishes
  •  Convection oven with a high power of 22,000 BTU
  •  It has 4 stovetop burners: 18,000 BTU, 15,000 BTU, and twin 12,000 BTU burners
  •  It has a broiler burner in the oven rated at 13,000 BTU, and an oven burner rated at 22,000 BTU
  •  The blue, porcelain oven interior is super stylish eye candy
  • A double pane oven glass window is standard
  •  Black, porcelain Drip pans are standard under each stovetop burner
  •  It has flat, cast-iron cooking grates
  •  It has a stainless steel back riser
  •  This Oven has a modern stainless steel surface is easy to clean and looks great
  •  2-year warranty on parts and labor
Connection Requirements

Electric: 120V/60Hz/15 or 20A

Gas: connection size is ½ inch

 Range Dimensions

30”W x 39”H x 27.5D (depth front to back)

 The Good
  •  unbelievably low price point compared to some quality competitors
  •  exceptionally good reviews from dozens of very satisfied customers
  •  made in the USA (Chino, CA)
The Bad
  •  not a traditional mainstream name like Wolf or KitchenAid
  •  no electronic bells and whistles (just a plain, old,  gas unit with knobs) – wait, that’s what some would call a “good” thing 🙂
  •  not self-cleaning 
  • Quality, Durability, Reliability

We own a very similar oven to this one, and durability is a non-issue with us.  Nothing has been able to wreck ours so far, and if customer reviews from all over the internet are any indication, I think this one’s a gem.  


Here’s where this Thor shines!  We paid nearly FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for our Wolf, and while it is performing well, I’d say we paid about 3 times more than we needed to!  Ours looks nearly identical to this one, and I’d place a bet that the quality is similar.  If you grab this one, my feeling is that you’re getting a bargain.

Find the latest price and more details HERE

Is it Easy to Clean?

Well, um …. It’s not so much “self-cleaning” so maybe it’ll take a bit of elbow grease to get the job done.

Anything Else?

As a general overview of this oven (as with other ovens), it should be noted that this is not a specifically chosen oven on my part to make pizzas.  This is an oven that I would choose as my household oven for all cooking and frying, but with the knowledge that I’ll be making quite a few pizzas in it.  So, with this setup, I’d suggest you look into a great quality pizza stone along with a trusty set of pizza peels (remember, one wood and one metal – both are really important for a smooth, enjoyable, safe and seamless workflow).  Then, please don’t expect that the oven’s 500˚F temperature will give you leopard skin spots on your pizza.  The best you can expect is to have a crispy crust pizza done in about 5 -7 minutes depending on how charred you like it!  I love pizza, but I’m good with this setup as my indoor, wintertime, blizzard-busting option for pizzas!

So What Say We?

I specifically chose this oven because I WANT ONE!  Well, once my current gas oven dies that is.  I had sticker shock (in a good way) when I read the spec sheet and details about this oven and then saw the price.  I actually went back to my oven receipt from 5 years ago and saw that I paid just over $4,900 for a 30” stainless steel gas oven that looks (and apparently works) the same as this one.  I’ll go on record as telling you it’s an official BUY.

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