Wisco 561 Pizza Oven

9 POR Score
heavy duty commercial construction, high heat for indoor oven, good price
kind of big and cumbersome for a kitchen counter, hot to touch
Overall, a great buy for someone looking at an indoor model with modern, clean styling
Build Quality
Value/Price Point
Customer Satisfaction


Right off the bat, you need to know that this unit (as if you couldn’t tell by looking at it) is an indoor, electric commercial pizza oven – compact though it is! I mention that to say that it is a GOOD THING! A commercial unit should be constructed to provide trouble-free service during its lifetime of producing the product for which it was created. The Wisco Model 561 does the job perfectly!


Amazon Wisco 561 Deluxe Pizza and Multipurpose Oven, 10.25" Height, 23.625" Width, 19.5" Length The Good
  • heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • meant for demanding commercial conditions which means it will have a long life and continue to look good and work without issue
  • easy to clean
  • makes a lot more than just crispy crust pizza
  • easy temp setting with dial control (no fumbling with digital menus)
  • as of the writing of this review, the Amazon price is nearly 40% less than the sale price on other sites!
  • makes 16-inch pizzas
  • long life heating elements
  • heats from 150ºF to 650ºF
  • has 2.87 inch depth opening
The Bad
  • it’s a big oven (23.6″ Width x 19.5″ Depth x 10.25″ Height – outside dimensions) so it’s not ideal for a small apartment or home without lots of counter space.
  • potentially dangerous heat levels on the unit, so be careful and don’t let young children dance on it!
  • it ain’t cheap, but I’m sure I  heard some wise soul once say “you get what you pray for” (or something close to that I think).
  • because it’s so powerful, it’s best to give it its own circuit!

Quality, Durability, and Reliability

Any Wisco pizza oven model is created for commercial use, so the quality is really second to none. The Wisco Model 561 is the best option for any residence (in spite of its biggish size). It has heavy-duty brushed stainless steel for a topcoat so it’s tough and pretty good looking in a “commercial” kind of way.

Is it Easy to Use

This One’s a no-brainer.  It’s super easy to use – just like a toaster oven, but this is one heck of a toaster oven on steroids!


Just grab a damp cloth or stainless steel cleaner – and you’re done!


I mentioned earlier that the price is really good at the moment but it’s all a matter of perspective!  And, no guarantees as to how long any sales will last! However, bear in mind that there are several options for the Wisco Pizza oven Model 561, so be sure to check them out carefully once you arrive on Amazon. By the way, Amazon is the absolute best place to get this oven since no other outlet can match the price.

Check out the latest prices HERE.

What Do We Think?

Judging by the online comments and reviews, this is one satisfying oven. Personally, I don’t mind the commercial looking design (as opposed to the old, worn brick, folksy, historical look of many outdoor wood-fired ovens).  Although it is technically a commercial unit (and it’s used in restaurants for sure!), it looks like most of the buyers of this oven are just regular folks who like a gourmet pizza at home!

This oven is not meant to appeal to the average consumer’s sense of aesthetic nostalgia, and yet to me, it has a certain “get-er-done” kind of look that says “I’m super capable, and I’ll be good forever!” This one really appeals to my own sense of efficiency and quality for the money, and I don’t mind the dash of clean, simple and even elegant looks.

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